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Read some of our 2023 Rave Reviews

Read some of our 2023 Rave Reviews

It was excellent. Very well organized, so needed on the coast and just 100% fantastic experience!
If there was any comment it was about the bliss booths – loved it! However there were a lot of people coming in and out and talking – and you had to wait a long time. Still, it was a great idea and please have that next time! Wonderful to just going and having a session with whoever was available. I was certainly blissed out. Ending with the sound healing was brilliant!

Sarah 5/5

I loved the event. It was very well organised and well worth the entrance fee.
For future events, I recommend on-site yoga rather than the yoga meander. I would have loved to do yoga but didn’t want to leave the grounds to drive away from the festival to attend one of the practices. The bliss booths were a brilliant idea! The market was lovely. The talks that I attended were thought-provoking. The Estuary Hotel was a great setting for the event, it was a wonderful experience!

Toni 5/5

What an amazing festival wow – wow – wow – wow and wow well done to the organisers.
I’ve never enjoyed myself so much with a fun full weekend. Met so many wonderful genuine people. All the events were spectacular and so man, many memories made forever.

Lydia 5/5

“The talks in the auditorium were amazing – It was an awesome event, one of many that I hope will be organised in the future”

Annelies 5/5

Every little part of this was presented with professionalism and capability.
It was refined and elevated in every way and upheld the most incredible standard. I had the privilege of meeting influential people who astounded me with their humble and “real” personalities. The NDE, Channelling and crossing over was life altering and we returned home with souls recharged and renewed. Magic was all round and the grounds were in constant visitation of entities aiding in the smooth execution of your event. The most spiritually present and Guided Festival we had ever attended. Shukran. Shalom. Namaste

Anon 5/5

Overall, loved itLoved the book stand. All the other vendors were fabulous – good quality goods and very affordable.
Some constructive feedback: not enough food vendors/variety of food. The Estuary menu I felt was overpriced for what it delivered.”

Maritta 5/5

I thought that the event was awesome. However, i think that instead of waiting in line at the bliss booths, names could be taken and times given so that you have to be back there at a certain time to attend your treatment. Then you could still attend some of the talks or events that were going on.
More food and coffee stalls. More announcements as to what is happening where and when. Head microphones so you could hear at the back. Definitely a great event. Thank you to all concerned.

Joanie 5/5

Heike Sym Talks about Boundaries at KSF 2024

Heike Sym Talks about Boundaries at KSF 2024

Boundaries are the cornerstones of where we end and others start: One of the easiest, yet hardest, concepts in life, which can determine how we experience and honour ourselves and our reality.

Far from being selfish, boundaries are love in action and demonstrate your respect and commitment to self and others. They create and maintain a safe space in which we can love ourselves and others simultaneously and, with that, one of the biggest gifts to ourselves and the world. They allow us to create balance of mind, body and soul and avoid co-dependency. Boundaries are the tools which put the power back into our hands, give our voices volume, help us to step out of the shadows and centre us back in our authentic being.

Come on a journey with me to explore some patterns and get some tools to take your power back and establish healthy boundaries. After all: YOU and the world deserve it.  

About Me

I am a psychic, medium, Reiki master, metaphysical profiler, numerologist, energy/universe enthusiast… oh – and coffee junkie.

It all started with a Reiki course over 20 years ago and what a ride it has been ever since. From metaphysics, gemstones, angel codes, numerology, astrology, frequencies, chakras, and meridians… the never-ending connectedness never ceases to amaze me. This amazing journey has taken me to places beyond my imagination and blessed me with connecting with people from all over the world via sessions, talks, workshops, retreats, crossings-over, radio shows, articles, metaphysical profiling of illnesses and my work as a mental medium. My motivation is to act as the bridge between the physical and the spiritual world in order to connect and facilitate healing and wholeness, which is our natural state of being. 

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognisant and, together with my guides and guardians, I am able to bring insight into your life’s choices and also connect to passed-over loved ones. But most of all, ’our’ mission is to put it all into your hands and guide you to explore and reconnect with your own power which has been there all along.

Wisdom in Waves

Wisdom in Waves

A Shamanic Embodied Immersion with Ancient Drum and Rattle Tools.

Meet Cerise Maartens at the KwazuluSpirit Festival

Wisdom in Waves: A Shamanic Embodied Immersion with Ancient Drum and Rattle Tools. by Cerise Maartens

Embark on a profound journey into the depths of your unique signature frequencies and Sacred Geometry blueprints, where the resonance of ancient wisdom intertwines with the essence of your physical form, cradled by the rhythmic heartbeat of the Sage Mother Drum.

We allow for Spirit’s guidance as we navigate our healing journey within. I will be your guide, leading you through the activation of your energy centres, followed by meditative movement, while using the sacred rattle as it weaves through, dispersing energies that need releasing from our individual auric fields.

From this heightened vibrational realm, surrender to stillness as you lie down, descending into the enchanting rhythm of the drum’s nurturing heartbeat. Explore your inner landscape intimately and, through transformative coding of your frequencies, bring forth more expansion, light and love into your vessel.

This journey extends a sacred invitation to Know Thyself — a profound recognition and remembering that unfolds as you explore and integrate these new vibrational frequencies. Anticipate departing with a deepened and expanded understanding, warmly embracing an elevated state of consciousness.

Cerise, who walks with the medicine name Mother Angel Seeds the Light, serves as a compassionate guide, illuminating the path for souls attuning to their unique vibrations on transformative journeys. Her diverse medicine bundle imparts wisdom, providing a multidimensional approach to restoring oneness.

In the traditions of Yoga, Cerise cultivated a profound connection with her body, delving into ancient wisdom through movement, breath, balance of opposites, meditation and mindfulness. This exploration marked the beginning of her path to self-realisation, inner transformation and a journey toward self-discovery.

Deeply versed in holistic teachings, Cerise seamlessly integrates diverse spiritual wisdom into her practice. Functioning as an open channel to insights and healing energies from guides, spirits and higher realms, she extends her healing touch through modalities like Sekhem and Reiki, facilitating profound frequency healing.

In one-on-one sessions, Cerise goes beyond offering frequency healing, and providing intuitive coaching and guidance. She empowers individuals to navigate their consciousness, inviting them to embrace their authentic selves on the sacred journey of self-discovery — encouraging each person to Know Thyself.

As a shamanic practitioner on the path of the Good Red Road, Cerise embodies a life of balance, respect and harmony with herself, others and the natural world. These spiritual studies infuse the ceremonies she conducts, amplifying the transformative power of ancient teachings.

Family and/or Systems Constellation Workshop

Family and/or Systems Constellation Workshop

Karen Verburgh

Meet Karen at KwazuluSpirit 2024

Our assets as well as our problems are not just ours: we are all – individuals as well as organisations – part of a larger whole that is part of a larger whole, etc. Making visible our place and role in the web of life is healing, clarifying and energising. It helps to distinguish between what is mine and what is not mine to carry and where best to direct for optimal individual or organisational health and wellbeing. Family and Systems Constellations reveal this web of life and its relationship dynamics and are supportive in removing blockages so that energy and love flow freely again.

My name is Karen Verburgh. Since 2000 I have accompanied individuals, teams and organisations on their journey, providing support to get to and maintain a state of flow. I find where the energy is stuck and support it to flow again. The way in which I do that, what I do, depends on whom and what I am dealing with. When working with teams/organisations it often takes the form of team coaching. Individuals I support with coaching/counselling or Kahuna Bodywork. I always work systemically.

Bring yourself and your questions to the workshop. We will work with what arises.

Elysium, Home of the KwazuluSpirit Festival 2024

Elysium, Home of the KwazuluSpirit Festival 2024

Historical overview by Phil van Achterbergh, The Laughing Forest

As the owner of The Laughing Forest and long-standing resident in the Elysium area, I often get asked about the history of Elysium.  I have tried to collect information in this regard and herein present a summary of what I have heard and learnt from various sources.  I claim no accuracy or factuality for what I have written. Should any reader have the facts, contrary to what I have written, I will gladly correct my research.  This is an attempt at a politically neutral overview, knowing that the subject is complicated and difficult to unravel.

Firstly, we need to go back, way back, to the time of the San people, who were here on the South Coast of KZN from the earliest of humanity time.  According to records, the San people, also known as the Bushmen, have lived in Southern Africa for tens of thousands of years. The exact length is difficult to determine but the time frame is estimated to be between 20 000 and 100 000 years, most likely longer.   In their time, they would have experienced the migration of the Nguni Tribe around 700 years ago. These were to become the Xhosa, who were eventually driven further south by more Nguni tribe migration, the Zulus, around 500 years ago (Late 1400’s) and then the Boer migrants from the great trek, followed shortly afterwards by migrants from England, Europe, India and Asia.

The diversity of this group of migrants, with worldly politics thrown in, delivered a period of instability and land related challenges that, to this day, are still an uncomfortable nerve to be touched.

Closer to home, here on the South Coast, the history reflects that, in 1843, the British claimed Natal as a British Colony.  Prior to that, for just a few years (+-6 years), it was an independent Boer controlled area.  The advent of the change from Boer Republic to British Colony angered the Boers immensely and many sold their recently acquired farms for very little to migrants that had only recently arrived in KZN, (driven by incentives from the British Government, incentivising settlers to resettle in KZN).  Many of these British settlers went on to become sugar and cattle farmers as well as entrepreneurs and, to a large extent, were instrumental in creating part of the infrastructure that exists today, along with its British flair.

It must be noted that the indentured laborers, mostly from India, were instrumental in providing labour to these farms, with a heavy toll amongst them, but their ability to adapt and diversify their skills has since seen them deliver a healthy contribution to the successes of the region.

The resultant effect was a conversion of the rolling hills of the Natal South Coast, mostly occupied by he Nguni tribe migrants, into the rolling hills of sugar cane, along with a bustling trade both in Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Many KZN farmers and businessmen, during this time of agricultural and commercial investment, had built a small holiday homestead on land by the sea, particularly in the Pennington, Bazley, Ifafa, Elysium and Mtwalume areas, which have become the holiday and retirement villages of today, an example being the Laughing Forest, which, in its day, was part of a homestead called Southern Home.

These towns are reminiscent of a bygone era in which the San people walked among the golden beaches and pristine coastal dune forest, which, to this day, are still largely free of beach front mansions. One can just imagine how, thousands of years back, fish were trapped in the lagoons with a wide variety of abundant animal life (still present), slipping through coastal bush corridors, from one lagoon to the next, expertly providing space for the species around them. It is this space of species and tranquil existence that drives people to this area – an area full of rich culture left relatively unscathed by the passage of time and an area worthy of protection.

During these times several atrocities took place and prejudicial activities drove populations apart.  We are not unaware or supportive of any activity.  We choose however to focus on what lies ahead.  We choose to focus on our unique diversity and hope to help everyone settle on a higher ground.

In this region lies a touching tale about Samuel Goldstone, a Byrne Settler that settled in Ifafa, whose journey unfolded uniquely. Initially marrying a local African woman, they had five sons together. They flourished in the ox wagon carting business, transporting nearby sugar cane to Durban’s mills. This was no simple task as crocodile infected rivers needed to be navigated and the journey took weeks. Following his first wife’s passing, Samuel remarried. His second wife, widowed with the surname Fynn from her late husband, was connected to Henry Charles Fynn, a significant figure among the early settlers in Durban’s Congella area. This story in Ifafa intertwines two cultures—Zulu and British European— Samuel Goldstone and his diverse family likely cherished moments of tranquility along the mid-south coast, embracing the peace of this setting amidst the arduous work the early settlers and locals embraced at that time.

At the Laughing Forest, Top of Form

We aim to share this experience and keep everyone aware of the enormous gratitude we have, in particular, for the environment that has been left, but also the peaceful nature of the residents in this area, which include the Goldstone family, still resident in the Ifafa area.

In Elysium, local residents are committed to maintain the area in its natural state for as long as we can. Community driven programs are common place with many participative activities. We welcome guests to this South Coast treasure. This place with history going back to the first settlers in KZN is an example of keeping things simple. It is a place of laughter in the bush, reminding us all of our unique inheritance and our authentic sense of being.

We look forward to your visit.



Meet our Curator Debra Stevens-Robins

Meet our Curator Debra Stevens-Robins

Meet Debra Stevens-Robins publisher and editor of Odyssey Magazine and accredited publishing and media partner of The Southern Explorer KZN™. Debra is the curator of the KwazuluSpirit™ Festival along with an incredible team of service delivery and eventing professionals.

Savvy and insightful corporate jungle escapee, wordsmith, author, publisher and editor, Debra is passionate about upliftment through the power of the written word. Former natural healer, teacher and healing academy principal, Debra blends together extensive expertise in wellness, both in the corporate and personal contexts, as well as over 25 years’ experience in driving and delivering corporate wellness initiatives for local and global corporations. Student of law and corporate consultant by trade, naturopathic practitioner by design and magazine editor by choice, Debra is honoured be the custodian of Odyssey Conscious Living Magazine Est. 1977.  Debra is the curator of the KwazuluSpirit™ Festival, and the KwazuluSpirit Wellness Way™.

Debra’s Credo
“When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough to make room for it in your life”