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Why is body cleansing the answer?

Listen to Heleen Elizabeth’s Transformational Talk Radical Cellular Regeneration Sunday 22 July 9 am.
The things killing us are the man-made toxins in our food and medicine and also consumption of food, drinks and medicine that were never meant for us. By cutting out toxins and replacing it with highly nutritive food that was meant for us in the first place, we detox and hydrate on cellular level. Whatever bio-weapon formed against us, need heavy metals and foreign micro particles to be effective; a healthy, natural, alkaline and uncongested body roams free, in all ways.

It has taken us years to accumulate the toxins that brought the damage to our cells, organs, glands etc. There is no quick fix. This group facilitated cleansing experience becomes the foundation of a life-long healing journey, the knowledge empowering you to make informed decisions about the energy and chemistry you allow in your body vessel. A wholistic lymphatic system focused cleanse, including focused attention on the kidneys, colon, glands, lung, parasite cleanse and a liver and gallbladder flush and it educates and equip you with ways to implement a cleansing lifestyle. This cleansing process should merely form part of your cleansing and healing experience.

The time has come for us to take our power back and become invincible in the face of the current onslaught of deadly pathogens, viruses, nanobots, pollution, heavy metals, glyphosate, MSG’s (monosodium glutamate), GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms), EMF’s (Electromagnetic frequencies), the depletion of natural goodness from our soils and the food produced by toxic commercialised agricultural practices.

Taking responsibility for our health and very survival, always brings us back to the fact that we need to have a preventative approach to health rather than a reactive approach. Reaching to nature for answers instead of the mistrusted mainstream medicine and their darker agendas.

Deep, cellular cleansing is a necessity, and is totally possible.

More about Heleen Elizabeth from Anouthen Infinite Wellness
Anouthen is the Greek word for “from above” My name, Heleen, means “light” My Zulu name which I received from my Zulu-partner’s family when they met me is Khanya, which means “light” anouthenkhanya = from above light For me the coming together of the Western and the African mind creates a deep transformational experience for anyone allowing the journey to consciously unfold.