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Karen Verburgh

Meet Karen at KwazuluSpirit 2024

Our assets as well as our problems are not just ours: we are all – individuals as well as organisations – part of a larger whole that is part of a larger whole, etc. Making visible our place and role in the web of life is healing, clarifying and energising. It helps to distinguish between what is mine and what is not mine to carry and where best to direct for optimal individual or organisational health and wellbeing. Family and Systems Constellations reveal this web of life and its relationship dynamics and are supportive in removing blockages so that energy and love flow freely again.

My name is Karen Verburgh. Since 2000 I have accompanied individuals, teams and organisations on their journey, providing support to get to and maintain a state of flow. I find where the energy is stuck and support it to flow again. The way in which I do that, what I do, depends on whom and what I am dealing with. When working with teams/organisations it often takes the form of team coaching. Individuals I support with coaching/counselling or Kahuna Bodywork. I always work systemically.

Bring yourself and your questions to the workshop. We will work with what arises.