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Harmony Hall

Harmony Hall – “Holistic Healing Hub” – is a health and wellbeing venue in a classical colonial property in Umtentweni that aims to create a holistic haven for individuals seeking physical, mental, and spiritual balance. This multifaceted establishment hosts workshops, provides treatment rooms for practitioners, and offers accommodation for guests who wish to immerse themselves in a transformative experience. Self-retreats and event spaces are also available.

Harmony Hall is your canvas for personal transformation:

•             Unleash your inner artist: Explore our inspiring workshops, where creativity flourishes like wildflowers in spring.

•             Deepen your healing practice: Find tranquillity in our dedicated treatment rooms, where holistic practitioners nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

•             Share your wisdom: Connect with our diverse community, a tapestry woven from individuals seeking growth and connection.

•             Embrace your authentic self: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, allowing her peace to permeate your being.

•             Discover new perspectives: Forge lasting friendships and expand your horizons, enriching your life with unique experiences and insights.

“A Beacon of Creative Wellbeing”

19 Dennis Circle, Umtentweni, 4235.

Contact Tanya/Nadine on: 082 414 7482 / 065 342 8566
Email address:  [email protected]