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Yoga Meander

We invite locals, visitors and travellers journeying South on Saturday 22 July to take the R102 off ramp from the N2 South toward Hibberdene and to stop off at one or two of the retreats, Yoga studios and shalas en route to the event, at The Estuary Hotel and Spa, Port Edward. Experience the connectedness provided by each of our teachers in this sweet spot of the Universe 

Bookings are preferred and the modalities and Yoga-styles on offer with contact details, are provided on the chart below. Should you, however, spontaneously be guided to attend a session without booking, you would still be graciously received. There is no charge for the sessions on Saturday 22 July, there will be a dāna box at each of the venues. (Dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity).

The studios will be offering paid sessions on Sunday 23 July. For more information please WhatsApp the number on the chart below. We have also provided a downloadable map for your convenience.

Click on the map to download.

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