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It was excellent. Very well organized, so needed on the coast and just 100% fantastic experience!
If there was any comment it was about the bliss booths – loved it! However there were a lot of people coming in and out and talking – and you had to wait a long time. Still, it was a great idea and please have that next time! Wonderful to just going and having a session with whoever was available. I was certainly blissed out. Ending with the sound healing was brilliant!

Sarah 5/5

I loved the event. It was very well organised and well worth the entrance fee.
For future events, I recommend on-site yoga rather than the yoga meander. I would have loved to do yoga but didn’t want to leave the grounds to drive away from the festival to attend one of the practices. The bliss booths were a brilliant idea! The market was lovely. The talks that I attended were thought-provoking. The Estuary Hotel was a great setting for the event, it was a wonderful experience!

Toni 5/5

What an amazing festival wow – wow – wow – wow and wow well done to the organisers.
I’ve never enjoyed myself so much with a fun full weekend. Met so many wonderful genuine people. All the events were spectacular and so man, many memories made forever.

Lydia 5/5

“The talks in the auditorium were amazing – It was an awesome event, one of many that I hope will be organised in the future”

Annelies 5/5

Every little part of this was presented with professionalism and capability.
It was refined and elevated in every way and upheld the most incredible standard. I had the privilege of meeting influential people who astounded me with their humble and “real” personalities. The NDE, Channelling and crossing over was life altering and we returned home with souls recharged and renewed. Magic was all round and the grounds were in constant visitation of entities aiding in the smooth execution of your event. The most spiritually present and Guided Festival we had ever attended. Shukran. Shalom. Namaste

Anon 5/5

Overall, loved itLoved the book stand. All the other vendors were fabulous – good quality goods and very affordable.
Some constructive feedback: not enough food vendors/variety of food. The Estuary menu I felt was overpriced for what it delivered.”

Maritta 5/5

I thought that the event was awesome. However, i think that instead of waiting in line at the bliss booths, names could be taken and times given so that you have to be back there at a certain time to attend your treatment. Then you could still attend some of the talks or events that were going on.
More food and coffee stalls. More announcements as to what is happening where and when. Head microphones so you could hear at the back. Definitely a great event. Thank you to all concerned.

Joanie 5/5