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The Purple Unicorn

Since ancient times it has been known that SOUND is a powerful ENERGY that interacts with all energy fields. It allows for synchronicity between the left and right brain hemispheres. 

The Purple Unicorn experience is a circle of large chimes that are made up of 136Hz, 174Hz, 432Hz, 528Hz and other frequencies that not only help to heal physically and mentally but also open up the pineal gland. Only one person at a time may experience this amazing energy. The inclusion of the Unicorn energy, which is pure white unconditional love, leaves you with a sense of calm and a feeling of being loved.

It is a donation-only experience and all donations will go to the running of our beloved Melville Sanctuary of Love.

11 Ambleside Road,  Unit 5 Shad Lane, Umtentweni, 4235.

Contact Di on: 0810492435
Email address: [email protected]