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A Shamanic Embodied Immersion with Ancient Drum and Rattle Tools.

Meet Cerise Maartens at the KwazuluSpirit Festival

Wisdom in Waves: A Shamanic Embodied Immersion with Ancient Drum and Rattle Tools. by Cerise Maartens

Embark on a profound journey into the depths of your unique signature frequencies and Sacred Geometry blueprints, where the resonance of ancient wisdom intertwines with the essence of your physical form, cradled by the rhythmic heartbeat of the Sage Mother Drum.

We allow for Spirit’s guidance as we navigate our healing journey within. I will be your guide, leading you through the activation of your energy centres, followed by meditative movement, while using the sacred rattle as it weaves through, dispersing energies that need releasing from our individual auric fields.

From this heightened vibrational realm, surrender to stillness as you lie down, descending into the enchanting rhythm of the drum’s nurturing heartbeat. Explore your inner landscape intimately and, through transformative coding of your frequencies, bring forth more expansion, light and love into your vessel.

This journey extends a sacred invitation to Know Thyself — a profound recognition and remembering that unfolds as you explore and integrate these new vibrational frequencies. Anticipate departing with a deepened and expanded understanding, warmly embracing an elevated state of consciousness.

Cerise, who walks with the medicine name Mother Angel Seeds the Light, serves as a compassionate guide, illuminating the path for souls attuning to their unique vibrations on transformative journeys. Her diverse medicine bundle imparts wisdom, providing a multidimensional approach to restoring oneness.

In the traditions of Yoga, Cerise cultivated a profound connection with her body, delving into ancient wisdom through movement, breath, balance of opposites, meditation and mindfulness. This exploration marked the beginning of her path to self-realisation, inner transformation and a journey toward self-discovery.

Deeply versed in holistic teachings, Cerise seamlessly integrates diverse spiritual wisdom into her practice. Functioning as an open channel to insights and healing energies from guides, spirits and higher realms, she extends her healing touch through modalities like Sekhem and Reiki, facilitating profound frequency healing.

In one-on-one sessions, Cerise goes beyond offering frequency healing, and providing intuitive coaching and guidance. She empowers individuals to navigate their consciousness, inviting them to embrace their authentic selves on the sacred journey of self-discovery — encouraging each person to Know Thyself.

As a shamanic practitioner on the path of the Good Red Road, Cerise embodies a life of balance, respect and harmony with herself, others and the natural world. These spiritual studies infuse the ceremonies she conducts, amplifying the transformative power of ancient teachings.