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Integrated Healing & Kinesiology

Integrated Healing & Kinesiology

Energy 2 Wellness

Karina, an Energy Kinesiologist with two international diplomas, has been practising since 2005. Her office, nestled in the peaceful surroundings of Umkomaas, provides a secure space for healing on various levels. Drawing from personal experiences with stress-related health challenges, she uncovered complementary healing options within the fascinating realm of kinesiology and energy healing.

This holistic approach involves detecting and correcting imbalances in the body’s energy and addressing the root causes of ailments. While specific illness diagnoses are not conducted, the balancing of energies aids in managing stress and enhancing life energy. The treatment has proven beneficial for individuals dealing with headaches, emotional and relationship issues, depression, learning difficulties, pain, insomnia, fatigue, fears, phobias, and addictions.

Karina is also the creative mind behind the unique Healing Cuddle bear ( ). Additionally, she is a Certified Laughter Yoga Coach and TRE practitioner.

21 Charles Street, Umkomaas, 4170.

Contact Number: 082 574 9717

Email Address: [email protected]

Hypnosis Training

Hypnosis Training

SAMHA “The South African Modern Hypnosis Academy”

SAMHA is an Internationally Accredited Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Academy that offers training, certification, and ongoing support to members. SAMHA is also a member of the International Guided Meditation Institute and now offers training in this art.

The academy was founded by John Dutton, Hypnosis Grand Master, Researcher and Author. SAMHA serves the public by having a list of certified practitioners that can be consulted in your local area. Hypnosis and Past Life Regression training is done in a class setting at the scenic Palm Beach Chalets South Coast KZN, or in Johannesburg. Online courses are also available.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is offered to all candidates and not only to Hypnosis Practitioners, this course teaches the student PLR techniques, and how to add this discipline to their practice.

Full details and course dates are available on our prospectus on the website or Facebook Page.

838 Lord Kitchener Avenue, Palm Beach.

Contact Number: Trevor Henning 072 186 7987 – Mandy Dutton 083 726 2611

Email Address: [email protected]   [email protected] 

Sound & Energy Healing

Sound & Energy Healing

The Sounds of Healing

Music resonates deeply with the soul, guiding us to a serene state where our energies find harmony and renewal. Within the space of safety and tranquillity, we effortlessly respond to vibrations, inviting balance and self-healing.

Embark on a journey where the synergies of energy healing, Chakra realignment and the restorative power of sound converge into a profound collective experience.

If you would like to immerse yourself in this experience where relaxation, revitalization and self-discovery intertwine, I would be happy to hear from you.

Healing sessions typically last between one to one and a half hours, varying based on the depth of our conversation and how many cups of tea we enjoy together afterwards.

13 Bamber Woods, 5 Ibis Road, Umtentweni, 4235.

Contact Number: Sandy Morris – 084 587 6134

Email Address: [email protected]

Holistic Well-being

Holistic Well-being


MindBodyBalance is about embarking on a holistic journey towards personal growth and healing. As we align your mental, emotional and physical well-being, you are empowered to find balance and harmony in your life. By merging the concept that our bodies possess innate healing intelligence, with the idea that we are energetic beings capable of transformation, we unlock a remarkable healing potential within ourselves. Through the application of energy healing methods such as Reiki, meridian and chakra therapy, acupressure, crystal therapy and body consciousness, we can restore harmony to the body, initiating the journey towards healing. Unlock the wisdom within and discover the true power of the mind, body and soul.

153 Evans Avenue, Trafalgar, KZN South Coast.

Contact Alexandra: 081 571 2531

Email Address: [email protected]

Retreat Accommodation

Retreat Accommodation

Palm Beach Chalets


Hosts John and Mandy Dutton welcome you to a unique experience at Palm Beach. Not far from Port Edward on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal is the outstanding Palm Beach Chalets. Situated near the Mpenjati Nature Reserve and Estuary, our chalets offer stunning scenery, an abundance of birdlife and the opportunity to view small animals. Apart from the excellent fishing opportunities at your disposal, Palm Beach is also for lovers of nature and the outdoors.  If you are looking for a place where you can play loud music and party way into the night, Palm Beach Chalets is not the place, but if you are looking for a place to Relax to the Sounds of Nature and spend peaceful evenings, Palm Beach Chalets is the place for you.

“Your Home Away From Home”

Your physical Address:  838 Lord Kitchener Avenue, Palm Beach

Contact Number: Mandy Dutton 083 726 2611

Email Address:   [email protected] 

Holistic Healing Centre

Holistic Healing Centre

Harmony Hall

Harmony Hall – “Holistic Healing Hub” – is a health and wellbeing venue in a classical colonial property in Umtentweni that aims to create a holistic haven for individuals seeking physical, mental, and spiritual balance. This multifaceted establishment hosts workshops, provides treatment rooms for practitioners, and offers accommodation for guests who wish to immerse themselves in a transformative experience. Self-retreats and event spaces are also available.

Harmony Hall is your canvas for personal transformation:

•             Unleash your inner artist: Explore our inspiring workshops, where creativity flourishes like wildflowers in spring.

•             Deepen your healing practice: Find tranquillity in our dedicated treatment rooms, where holistic practitioners nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

•             Share your wisdom: Connect with our diverse community, a tapestry woven from individuals seeking growth and connection.

•             Embrace your authentic self: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, allowing her peace to permeate your being.

•             Discover new perspectives: Forge lasting friendships and expand your horizons, enriching your life with unique experiences and insights.

“A Beacon of Creative Wellbeing”

19 Dennis Circle, Umtentweni, 4235.

Contact Tanya/Nadine on: 082 414 7482 / 065 342 8566
Email address:  [email protected]